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End the War on Drugs

We are losing the longest war in American history.

Declared by Richard Nixon in 1971, it has been waged by every President since. It has caused tragic suffering and bloodshed throughout the world. America’s wars are the wars of the Commander in Chief. He can start them and he can end them. He must end his WAR ON DRUGS. As President, he can pardon anyone. He must pardon all the POWs. {Prisoners of the War on Drugs)

Cancel All Debt

A fresh start. Liberate the people.

The FBI, State & local police will relentlessly hound a man who robs a bank for a few thousand dollars. Bank officials who rob homes worth tens, hundreds of thousands, even millions, get billions in bonuses. Students should be rewarded for their efforts. The 21st Century should not be one of indentured servitude. CANCEL ALL DEBT. There will always be winners and losers. Most will be winners.

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