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Jehovah Phinias KOJ {AC}

Man of Faith

Man of Action

Proud Jew

Who is he?

Day of Advent:


Hallowe’en: the most revolutionary

holiday of our Universe.

A sanitarium in the Bronx,

a Borough ripe for revolution.

    A 4th generation secular Jew, a man of the people: an atheist, artist, activist, Buddhist, Rabbi: a fearless crusader who lives to save our planet.

    He has been entrusted with 2 excessively challenging missions. As the Rebbe, he teaches all people, not just Jews, through his behavior. The Christ used the Cross to glorify suffering. As the Anti-Christ, Jehovah Phinias joyously Journeys on the Cross, to liberate people from their suffering. Yes, he is indeed, the Anti-Christ. Do not be swayed by centuries of Christian propaganda. Think for yourself.

    He is easily recognized on the streets of New York, hatless with Payos (Jewish side locks), orange uniform: shirts, jackets, bathing trunks, even his wheelchair. On ceremonial occasions, he does wear a black jacket, pants, hat and a white shirt, but look for his orange socks. Orange: the color of Buddhist monks, Hindu swamis, the Sacral Chakra, and most importantly, the one true holiday of creativity and joy: Hallowe'en.

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